beta - now with less fat and more juice

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Trackers in the list:

This list is provided by Trackon, thanks.


Add has a tracker to any .torrent file.
trackhub will then redirect requests to an open tracker.
Note that the use of https instead of http is optional but advised.
Please do not use trackhub has your main tracker,
think of trackhub has a spare tire for trackers.

Tracker admins:

Trackhub is now using the list of trackers provided by Trackon. Please refer to Trackon's documentation for details.


trackhub is looking for a kind patron to help run the service.
Currently it's limited to 1.3 million requests per day.
Back of the envelope calculations estimate that,with billing active. it is possible to, at least, double that before incurring any expenses.
>8cpu_ms, >.45KiB outgoing and even less for incoming data per request.
With a cost of 1 USD per day trackhub is even able to get well over 6 million requests.
If you know someone at Google or any other internet/bittorrent related company tell them about trackhub.

Ask not what bittorrent can do for you but what can you do for bittorrent.
kopimi - thanks! - medecau at gmail